Automatic Unit for Croissant



This automatic croissant shaping unit is panicularly suitable for medium and small confectioner’s workshops and for confectionery trade.

The hourly output is of about 2000 pieces using the 4-piece cutting roller.

- The sheeted dough, rolled up on a rollin-pin, can be of a higher thickness than the desired one, thus allowing a saving of labour.

- The inlet conveyor belt is controlled by a feeler pin allowing a continuous and regular feed to the cutting rollers; furtherrnore the side gauges guarantee a higher precision in weight and the automatic joining of the pieces of dough.

- The cutting of triangles occurs in two times thus avoids that the dough sticks to the stamper.

- The moulder is adjustable to obtain croissants with more or less tums of rolling up.

- The flour sprinkling is not necessary, and a better product may be obtained